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CCF is  "on sabbatical" for 2018! email us re 2019 program.

A week of


and STUDY for



and other


is a week of performance and study for advanced clarinetists that culminates in three public concerts. Participants include college clarinet majors, music teachers, young artists, and other adult players, as well as the rare teen who is playing at college level or beyond. It's the ideal place for growing your own performance skills, helped by a superb professional support team. Set new goals, explore new techniques, break-through to more refined musicianship, and get a "check up" with respected teachers!

What can you expect to do at the Festival?

• Appear as a soloist in two public concerts


• Rehearse daily with a superb

   professional pianist


• Play in a guest masterclass or take a lesson    with our guest artists, Håkan Rosengren or      David Howard


• Work one-on-one in lessons with festival 

   clarinet coaches, Dr. Margaret Thornhill 

   and/or Dr. Wendy Mazon


• Perform in a masterclass with                       



• Rehearse and perform an evening of new 

   works with a high-quality clarinet ensemble


• Take a group Alexander Technique lesson

what to expect

...clarinets playing together are indeed delightful - musical champagne, bubbly and crisp, perfect on a summer afternoon or evening.

John Pixley

Claremont Courier (mobile site) July 5, 2013

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